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Are you looking for an interactive and engaging presenter?

Are you interesting in learning new photography techniques from a premier nature photographer?

Contact John Slonina to make your event a success! John presents practical tips to increase your chances of capturing that "shot of a lifetime”. We will explore what makes a compelling and emotionally engaging photograph. He will entertain participants and illustrate his points with humor and stories from the field. Whether you are a beginner or a professional photographer, you will leave this presentation excited to try new strategies and tips that will create dramatic images. Speaker’s notes are available for each lecture.


John is sponsored by Hunt’s Photo and Video.

John has presented at multiple camera clubs. organizations, nature groups, businesses and photography conferences across the United States. 

Customized Programs for Clubs, Business, Conferences and Organizations

John Slonina offers a variety of programs and presentations that can be customized to meet the needs of individual clubs and organizations. It will be a memorable, adventurous program that will stimulate action and engagement. The program can be setup to cover any skill level.

From a one hour inspirational program to a multi-day event, we will set it up for your needs and budget. Please contact us for more information.

In the Classroom or in the Field

We can also lead workshops on location with emphasis on wildlife, landscape, macro, night photography, post processing, photo critiques etc.

The most popular programs include:

A.) Dynamics of Wildlife or Nature Photography:

We can emphasize wildlife, birds, birds in flight, macro or present an overview of all of them.

John presents practical tips that can be immediately deployed to increase your chances of capturing that "shot of a lifetime”. We will explore what makes a compelling and emotionally engaging photograph. He will entertain participants and illustrate his points with humor and stories from the field. Whether you are a beginner or a professional photographer, you will leave this presentation excited to try new strategies and tips that will create more dramatic images. This program has several tips that will take your photography to the next level.

This lecture can be tailored for beginner or advanced photographers depending on the audience.

B.) Unleash your Landscape Photography

This program will provide several techniques on how to take your Landscape Photography to the next Level. Some examples are demonstrated with before and after photos and video making the viewer feel like there are right there onsite.  We will also discuss how to get great DOF and compositions to make your photos stand out.  This program will help you understand the light and use it to your advantage. How to take care of special weather conditions like fog, rainbows and storms. John will also discuss strategies for photographing water (lakes, rivers, and the ocean). A bulk of this program will have a section on different strategies to deal with contrast and bad light.  It is a common problem to have a properly exposed foreground and a washed-out sky or a properly exposed sky and a dark foreground. We will also cover how to use contrast to your advantage. Which equipment to buy or skip which filters to use and how and when not to use them. There will be a demo on common cell photo apps and software that predict the milky way, sunrise, sunset, tides, and moon rise/set and direction of light. 

If time allows we will do a demonstration of Time lapse photography. Also Learn a quick Lightroom tip which helps you improve all of your photos 

This program can be anywhere from 45 min to all day. All Skill levels.

C.) Wild America: My Favorite Places in the United States

Join as we explore some of the most beautiful places in the United States. Featuring beautiful pictures and funny stories this narrated programs explores the amazing scenery, wildlife, our National Parks and Wildlife Refuges. These photos captures the moods and seasons in all their glory.

We will visit locations like New England, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Minnesota, Alaska, Florida, Everglades, Big Cypress, Washington State, Acadia, White Mountain National Forest, South West and Maine. Thrill to the wonders of planet earth displaying the hidden beauty of Wild America.

This program can be customized to showcase the amazing photography or wildlife viewing opportunities.  This program can also be divided into different sections of the country like East and West, Alaska etc. 

D.) Lightroom:

This presentation will be an overview of Adobe Lightroom. This program can be adjusted to 90 min, 2 hours, or 4 hours depending on how much in depth that you want to go. We can also emphasize any of the 7 modules like Library, Develop Modules, Print, etc.

E.) Night Photography Tools and Techniques (Milky Way and Aurora)

Night photography is a lot of fun. It adds a whole new element to your portfolio. This class is about how to shoot at night. You learn how to compose, shoot and focus in the dark. We will discuss the best techniques and strategies. A quick plan to get the correct exposure at night no matter if it is the Aurora, Milky Way, City lights etc.  We will discuss what equipment and software that you will need. We will discuss how to create time lapse photography. You will learn the correct formula for night photography, intervalometer, reducing flicker, and a few post processing tips with Lightroom. We will have a demo on common cell photo apps that predict the path of the milky way, sunrise, sunset, tides, and moon rise/set and direction of light. 

We will also discuss how to predict and photograph the Northern Lights (Aurora).  Where to go, how to accurately predict it, what time of year, what time of night etc.  The science of the aurora is fascinating. We will discuss cell phone apps and websites that help you predict the aurora and how to read the charts.

F.) Bear Country: The Bears of North America
John Slonina will present photos of his travels across North America to photograph bears. The presentation will explore Grizzly Bears in Alaska, Polar Bears in Canada, and Black Bears across the US. John has many adventures and photos to share. He will also discuss photo techniques for wildlife photography and provide location tips on how to plan your own bear adventure.

G.) Yellowstone and Grand Tetons: Wild America Series
John Slonina will present photos of travels to Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and the surrounding area. These world famous national parks have incredible wildlife and landscapes. He has  been photographing there almost 20 years.

H.) Florida: Wild America Series
John Slonina will present photos of his travels to Florida. He will highlight the wildlife and ecosystems of Florida. This program also highlight the Everglades National Park, Big Cypress National Reserve and locations along the East, West Coast and Central Florida.   He has  been photographing there over 30 years.

I.) Alaska: Wild America Series
Alaska is the Superbowl of photography it is on the top of most photographer’s bucket lists. Unfortunately, it’s not the easiest place to get to. The extreme weather, logistics, natural hazards makes planning a trip a very precise process.

This is an educational program which includes tips on photo technique, dealing with bad weather, cold weather, glaciers, bears, wildlife and tips to see and photograph the aurora (worldwide). This program shows how to get to the most stunning spots of the state takes which takes lot of planning. We will discuss the different seasons and the best way to see Alaska by boat, plane, and car. John photographs Alaska multiple times per year. This program celebrates Alaska and its incredible wildlife and landscapes.

All Day Seminars

John Slonina will present a variety of nature photography topics to make an all day seminar.

Choices include: Landscape, Wildlife, Macro, Night Photography, Post Processing, Lightroom, Make you own photo book. etc.

Keynote Speaker

John Slonina is also available for a keynote speaker. We have a wide variety of programs available.


John Slonina is a professional nature photographer. A passion for wildlife, wild places and teaching has led him down the path to photography. He has been photographing nature for over 30 years. He also has a photo tour company Slonina Photography which leads instructional photo workshops across North America. John’s goal is to make everything a fun learning experience. John’s subjects include landscape, wildlife, macro, nature, and night photography. His work has been published in calendars, books, magazines and displayed in several galleries. John has presented for numerous camera clubs, nature groups, and photo conferences. His teaching style and humor makes him a popular speaker. You can visit his website for his blog posts, online galleries, and tour schedule.

He is a member of the Feisol Pro Photography Team and sponsored by Hunt’s Photo and Video.

John Slonina 

Slonina Photography

Email: jtslonina@aol.com
Phone (508) 736-1167 

Website: www.sphotography.com

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