John Slonina Photography leads photo workshops and tours across the United States. Here is a list of recommendations and testimonials from his photo tours and workshops.

Join us for a on a photo workshop and photo tour. We will photograph  Wild America.

In 2013 I sold out almost every tour I offered. I am extremely grateful a that most of my participants end up returning for another photo tour.

I promise we will work hard to get images that will never forget.



Ok so what is my favorite thing about the tours?

This is one question I am asked often.

The answer is I really like the participants the most.

It is a wonderful group of people who attend. We all love nature and photography. It is really great to see incredible things and get to share it with someone who has the same interests. We have had several laughs and funny adventures that make me chuckle to this day. I really consider each participant a friend and I spend a lot of time reflecting on how lucky I am to be able to do this and meet incredible people. 


Here are some comments by past participants. I left out their last names to protect people from spam.

Hi John, Thank you for all of your hard work. Your research of the area was most evident making the photo ops many and memorable. I hope you will stay in touch and use me as a sounding board for any ideas you come up with. Kindest regards, Tony R 

Hi John. Thanks again for a great week in SW FLA last week. Arrived home in one piece with all my camera gear. I've identified most of the birds but now all. Could I email some of my unknown birds for you to ID? Thanks Brian

Thanks so much, John. I'll be watching your schedule to see what else I can tag along on! And I'll write up that endorsement for your blog very soon. The trip was a blast. Take care! Chris

John I have been photographing in Florida for several years. I can’t believe how well you know each area. I got great photos of eagles, river otter, some fish, gators, osprey, flight photos, herons, egrets, black necked stilts, vultures, herons, egrets and 3 species of owls, I blew the photo of the pileated woodpecker. Landscape photography opps  were great also. I want to go back to the magic beach and shoot another sunset. Karen L

Hi John,

Just a note to thank you for the great week in Acadia. You put us in the right place at the right time to get good pictures. Although some wore out as the week went on Clarence B

John, Thank you so much for sending this contact info. I have already told you how much I enjoyed the trip because of you. Now I can say this as well to all those wonderful people listed above. I have done a little work with my pictures but had to immediately go back to work and am now adding the spring cleaning "everything" in the house 

Again, thanks to all for making my first experience with a photo tour the absolute best of times! Dianne C

John: I really enjoyed your workshop. You were able to find incredible opportunities and never gave up. Here are a few of my pictures. I have gone over 1/3 of the pictures I took so there might be more surprises. One is a whole sequence of a mother heron regurgitating a fish. I then have a sequence of on baby heron trying to swallow it while the other looks astonished. If you want I can sent you a few more, but I am sure my fellow photographers will give you very nice pictures. Keep in touch. Hope to do something similar next year. Ed K

 Hi John,

 Di tagged you in a post.

Di wrote: "Photo workshop is over. It was awesome and I have some wonderful images to bring home with me. Thank you John Slonina for an awesome adventure. Now it's nap time

Hey John

I had a fun trip. I just wanted to let you know as we discussed I have attended several photo workshops with multiple instructors and I feel you were the best. I use many of the techniques you taught me. I will be signing up for many workshops in the future. I also wanted to thank you for the laughs. We had a fun group and you are really funny. You humor is keep the group going and we got some great photos. I will continue working on the night photography tips you gave me. I also bought that Nikon Lens you recommended. Take Care   Sandy B

Hey Stranger

Just wanted to let you know I entered 5 photos from our trip and won 3 ribbons. I plan on entering more in some photo contests. You make it look so easy. I am definitely on the right track. Thanks for you help with using the Histogram. It has improved my photography dramatically. Good luck in Yellowstone. I have been to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons several times and it is the coolest place I have ever been. I hope to join you there next year

Josh T

Hi John!

It was a great trip in all ways! You were a superior guide, teacher, and friend! I'm still processing but will send you some photos soon. I will hand out your brochures at our camera club meeting on Thurs. I've entered 4 photos from the FL trip in competition that night - I'll let you know how it turns out. It is a great marketing tool for yu to do this follow-up letter. The only thing I could think of to improve the trip would be to let everyone know basics like "Sanibel is a beach setting so wear beach shoes and short pants." I was prepared with the right stuff - I just didn't recognize names of places to wear the right stuff.

I miss our group. Libby and I will be going in Apr-May to Louisianna and then Wendy and I will be going in Sept to Denali.

Hope to see you again someday. Missing the way you said "Shock Valley".


Hi there

I had a wonderful time learning so much. I cannot believe the impact of just a few days of instruction has had on my photos. You can tell the difference from my photos on day 1 to day 3.  Jessica


 We enjoyed the NH trip despite the rain and bad weather. We met some very nice people and appreciate all your eagerness and help locating some of the best spots for photography. Sending the pictures I took of you, for yr collection.

I will send some others later. Best wishes, Lalita

Hi John

I have finally sorted through the 6,000+ pictures that I took on our Bear Trip. I ended up with over 650 really good shots- pretty amazing since I am such an amateur.

I want to thank you for making this such a memorable trip. Your patience and expertise really made the difference and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this trip to anyone who loves bears and has a decent camera. I have done alot of interesting things - safari, llama trekking, skydiving, etc etc and have to say this was truly one of my favorites!

Again, thank you for making this such a wonderful experience! Best Regards  Peggy


Hello John. Many thanks for a really nice tour and good company.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize, once again, to everyone, for this, cranky old body of mine, I'm still trying to get my muscles to return to where they belong. :-)

I enjoyed everyone's company on the tour and, the small group, made it much more intimate and friendly.

Cheers, Philip, one of the "Brit's".


It was great seeing you in Minnesota. The bears put on quite the show. I took a total of 15,138 pictures. Have only gone through the first two days at the refuge.Really enjoyed the time with you and the others I have posted some of the pictures from the first two days on the NorthWest Tennessee Photography Clubs web site (nwtpc.org). Again, really enjoyed the opportunity to shoo the bears. Thanks fore all you did. Richard G

Bravo on a great workshop. I really enjoyed it. I'll send you an email later this week but I love this eagle pic. Not bad for my first eagle photo. I got home about 4 pm and hit the wall.   Richard H

Hi John, The photo tour was fantastic. I am slogging through my 5,300 images, sending whole flocks of burst mode birds to the trash bin. But it is taking more time than I thought. Attached is one from Shark Valley that maybe you can use. In a couple of weeks I hope to put up a Smugmug gallery of the trip. My Sigma lens has gone to the factory for warranty repair.    Stan


So this is the recommendation I planned to make on your FB page:

"I took the Florida Wildlife Tour in 2012. John's photo tours are carefully planned, but flexible because John is relentless in pursuing photo opportunities for participants. Wildlife can be fickle, light can be fickle, and weather can be fickle, so John is a master of adopting to circumstances. The result for me was a wealth of great photos." Regards, Stan

Hi, I actually got a first cut of 27 photos from the bear trip posted to Smugmug in record time (for me)! You can see them here:

I thought the trip was outstanding. Thank-you John for all the planning and logistic work. I enjoyed meeting each of you. Regards, Stan


Hi John- first and foremost, thanks for the help during the shoots- especially for Lauren. She really enjoyed the trip and your help and encouragement- it means a lot to her.

thanks again- we did stop by Blackwater and in fact there were two Baldies BUT, they were in a tree that was probably 100 yards away so my 300mm just didn't cut it. I took some shots and have used Fractals to increase the photo size 400% and cropped but it is just not great- oh well- some day I will be able to afford a 500mm, which will be 750mm on my APS-C body. Hope your trip home was uneventful and easy. All the best and Happy Thanksgiving. Steve R

Hi John,

I’ve been busy with work, activity in two camera clubs and a Lions club. We had a nature competition last night at Stony Brook and I entered a couple of images from our Yellowstone trip, the fox and the wolf. Michael Goodman was a very good judge. The fox scored a 14 and the wolf scored 12. I am happy with these scores because the other class A competition images were amazing and I am proud to rank with the best of them. Several people asked me about my trip to Yellowstone when they saw my images. I talked with several people about your tours and recommended you to those who expressed interest. Someone brought in some of your one-page trip listings for the upcoming year and they got some attention.

Hope all is well with you. Glad you’re getting some quality time with your boys. Happy Holidays,   Tony

Via Facebook

Anthony wrote: "John Slonina was the tour leader who helped us to find the wonderful sites and animals

Anthony wrote: "John Slonina is an excellent tour leader. I highly recommend him."

Hi everyone,

Susan and I thoroughly enjoyed the Acadia workshop and everyone's company. We learned a lot and took some pretty good photos (at least we think so!). John, it was exciting to learn from a real pro photographer, to see you in action behind the camera, and to see shots through your eyes. Thanks for an excellent experience.  Enjoy,  Jim and Susan M

Thanks, John. We had a wonderful time. Joyce M

Hi John, sorry for the delay in responding—just got back from Pennsylvania doing some computer work for a friend of mine. I’m sorry I missed your departure, but hope you had an uneventful trip home and have had success in getting your van repaired.

As you promised, I’m very happy with many of the photographs from the trip. Up until that trip, I’d had very little experience with ‘nature landscapes’, so your suggestions and assistance were extremely helpful. It still amazes me how some of the best shots were in the worst weather conditions and how much better they appeared on the computer screen than my expectations from the viewfinder. Some of my friends have been duly impressed—can’t ask for much better than that!! I look forward to getting caught up with posting on your website.

Will stay in touch. Best of wishes to you.  Richard F

Hi John

Just wanted to send a note to tell you how much I enjoyed the tour. You worked tirelessly to get us in the right spots. I learned so much and have come back with some amazing images that I would not have had prior to my new found knowledge! We had a great group and hope to keep in touch with everyone.  Vanessa N

 My trip to the Great North Woods with John was incredible! Because of his expert knowledge of the area, we had opportunities to photograph many animals - moose, osprey, loons, deer, fox and grouse, among others. We also spent considerable time photographing waterfalls, flowers and gorgeous landscapes. John made sure that each participant got all the individual attention necessary, and the instruction was geared to our varying skill levels. Finally, I understand histograms and the fine nuances of exposure. He was more than generous with his knowledge and could not do enough during the workshop with anything the group requested. We were also treated to a slideshow of his extraordinary bear photography. This included not only entertaining stories, but also expert tips on wildlife techniques.

The weekend turned out to be so much more than I had expected. The accommodations were excellent; the pristine area is stunning beyond description; and I felt like I made new friends. I will be watching John’s website and definitely signing up for another workshop.

Thanks, John! This was an experience I’ll remember forever, and I love the photos I brought home.

 "I took the Florida Wildlife Tour in 2012. John's photo tours are carefully planned, but flexible because John is relentless in pursuing photo opportunities for participants. Wildlife can be fickle, light can be fickle, and weather can be fickle, so John is a master of adopting to circumstances. The result for me was a wealth of great photos." Regards,  Stan

Thanks for a fun trip to Northern NH to look for moose.  You helped us make the best of the photographic opportunities we had, and your tireless efforts to help each of us individually and as a group made you the best of the many workshop leaders my wife and I have had.  By far. You clearly were there for us, and not vice versa like so many others.  Well done.  Keith

John it was soooo MUCH FUN!! I haven't even gotten thru them yet! Thank u! Was an experience of a lifetime 2 be on seal island!


I just want to give a shout out to John Slonina of Slonina Photography! This was my 1st overnight photo tour and I had a blast on top of learning so much! John is truly one of the kindest people I've ever met and your sense of humor is so appreciated! Looking forward to future tours! Sad my adventure is over (for now). Heather Z


Hello Everyone,

Thank you John for a wonderful workshop!  I had a great time!  I too share the same excitement and enthusiasm of the group.  It was great meeting everyone!

It was a wonderful workshop and the the Puffins were the highlight of the adventure for me.  Here's one looking over his borrow.

Take good care and I hope to see you all on another photo workshop down the road.

 All the best,



Hi Everyone!

John, this was a phenomenal trip for me and one I really hope to repeat. I average probably four workshops a year and the Acadia trip is, by far, the best one I have attended. 

As far as our group, you were great fun and I enjoyed your company very much. I hope your pictures came out as well as some of mine did. 

Hope all of you are happy and well.



Hi Everyone,

Thanks, John, for another really great trip!  The puffins were tremendous.  The group was tremendous!

I call this one Puffin Buddies:



A really nice time!


Awesome! :-)



We had a great time! John is very informative and points out all things you should take into account to get a good picture at the moment.


Solinka M

Thank you John for the helpful instructions and hints looking forward to attending more


Excellent time. John is a great teacher. He points out things and suggests techniques that I wouldn't be thinking off. Great person to learn from

Brian O



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John Slonina is a professional nature photographer who has been photographing the nature for over 25 years. He estimates he has taken over 700,000 photos. He is also a love of natural history as well. You will receive education not just in photo technique, but also in the natural world you will be touring. Understanding the natural world not only increases your appreciation of nature but also helps you become a better nature