Common Questions

John Slonina Photography leads photo workshops and tours across the United States. Here is a list of common questions we get during our workshops, lectures, photo classes, and by email.

What do you use for post processing?

I currently use both Lightroom and Photoshop. The are both great programs. 

Lightroom is my favorite as it is like several different programs all put in one. There are several features that help you edit, organize, keyword, compare, develop, separate photos. You could even put together a book, printing project, or build a website with it. 

Most nature photographers use Lightroom. I also think it is important to go with the crowd. If you were out with a group of photographers and you had a question most of the people would know lightroom. Also if you buy a non name program off the internet will it be around in 10 or 20 years.

Another problem I see is photographers using to many programs. Sometimes ten or more. I would rather be great at a few than mediocre at a bunch. 


What do recommend for an online resource to learn Lightroom or other post processing techniques?


There are several different books and tutorials on the web

My favorite way is to watch a video.There are several free and paid ones. Some can be streamed or downloaded. 


a.) : There  are several resources on Adobe's Website. 

b.) UTube: There are several video's on how to learn just about anything. Some video's are excellent some are horrible. Be Careful.


1.) Tim Grey: Great Instructor of Lightroom and Photoshop

2.) Kelbyone: has several educational videos on post processing and photography

3.) Has several video's on Photography, Post Processing. They also have other videos on several different software programs, web design, social media, marketing, bradding etc. 

4.) Matt K: Matt Kloskowski is a great teacher on both Lightroom and Photoshop.


What is my favorite thing about the tours?

This is one question I am asked often.

The answer is I really like the participants the most.

It is a wonderful group of people who attend. We all love nature and photography. It is really great to see incredible things and get to share it with someone who has the same interests. We have had several laughs and funny adventures that make me chuckle to this day. I really consider each participant a friend and I spend a lot of time reflecting on how lucky I am to be able to do this and meet incredible people.