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Slonina Nature Photography: Instructional Tours and Workshops

Why Slonina Photography ?

You will be at the best places at the best times:

John is a research fanatic

Group Size:

Our group is substantially smaller than most other tour companies.

This offers several advantages:

Maximize Learning

Personalized one on one attention, critiques, and photography advice. Both in the field and in the classroom. I want to make sure you get the best shots while we are on location.

Better Access:

We get much better access to remote areas than bus tours, day tours and car pools. There are several incredible places which only have room for one or two cars.

We will be traveling in one vehicle designed for photography. We can access more remote areas and respond quicker to where wildlife has been spotted.

Our smaller groups allow a closer approach to wildlife. Larger groups makes animals more nervous. 

Most tours you do not have to drive or rent a car:  

All skill levels are welcome:


Customer first priority (#1 Goal is to teach and make sure you get great photos)

Please check out some of our feedback.We have a high percentage of return customers which makes us proud.

We have sold out almost all of our tours for the last 9 years.


John Slonina has been photographing nature for several decades. He has a great knowledge of natural history.

He has been teaching photo tours, workshops, and giving presentations on photography and nature for several years.

He has been a keynote speaker for many camera clubs, Audubon groups, and photo conventions.

John has been to this location for several years.

Thank You for your interest I hope you can join us.

If you are interested in one of our events.

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We realize your plans may change.

Thank you for your continued interest.

We spend years researching and planning trips to have the best experience possible.

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