Yellowstone Winter Photo Tours and Workshops

Join us on a photo tour or photo workshop to explore Wild Yellowstone National Park in the Winter. With the combination of multiple days in the private snowcoach and multiple days in the private van. We will cover the best areas in the park for wildlife and landscape photography.

The landscapes will be blanketed by snow. World-famous geysers, bubbling mudpots, steam vents, and hot springs. The contrast of the grayish-white steam of the geysers against the snow and the deep blue skies. It is a photographer’s paradise.

The wildlife is incredible. We typically see multiple bison covered in frost and snow, elk, wolves, bighorn sheep, trumpeter swans. We will visit a secret location where bobcats are frequently seen.

Yellowstone’s canyons, waterfalls, forests, wildlife and hydrothermal forces is an intimate experience in the winter.

We will put you in the best locations for wildlife and landscape photography and make sure you get incredible photos.

phYellowstone Winter Photo Tours and Workshops

Our Winter Yellowstone photo workshops and tours are professionally run. We will get you some imcredible photos..  Experience the park without the crowds. We will have a private comfortable snow coach and van taking us deep into the best winter areas of the park.

From December through the end of February, most park roads close and slowcoaches provide most of the transportation. The road from Gardiner to Cook City is open. So we cover it by private van taking us to the best places to see wolves, winter landscapes, and bighorn sheep. Lamar Valley is one of the top locations which can not be reached by snow coach.

Along with the days in the snow coach we got you covered. So you will photograph the top areas of the park.


John Slonina a professional full time nature photographers and tour guide will lead this trip. He will teach how to improve your photography. How to expose for winter images, wildlife behavior, and show you the best places. He has photographed and lead photo tours and workshops in Yellowstone for decades. He leads tours to Yellowstone in January, May, and September. He is an authorized permittee of the national park.

We also send out a suggested equipment list and information on how to dress property for the winter. It will be cold but if you dress with the right clothing it will be no problem..


Get award winning photos. A photo tour, workshop or safari in Yellowstone is an adventure you will never forgot.