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John Slonina is a professional nature photographers. His company Slonina Nature Photography leads instructional photo tours and workshops throughout the United States. His photo tours visits several national parks which include Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Mt Rainier, Olympic, Acadia, Great Smoky Mountains, Mt Rainier, Olympic, Arches, Canyonlands, Everglades, Big Cypress, Katmai and Lake Clark.


Bald Eagle Photo Tours and Workshops

There is something special about eagles. I lead photo tours and workshops across the country. I am lucky that we get to photograph several each year and it never gets old. On last year's Alaska trip we spent a lot of time photographing them on land and by boat. It was a blast.

In Alaska they are common especially on the coast. I think local people think we are crazy getting so excited about them.

It is nice that the eagle population is rebounding. There is not many great success stories with the environment lately.

If you are interested in joining us on a photo workshop or tour of Alaska. Please visit our website. We have several trips where we photograph Eagles like Florida, Maine and Alaska. We also photograph a lot of other incredible wildlife.

Here is the link for the Alaska Photo Tour


For this picture we used a private boat so I was able to have him position the boat for the best angle. Private boats allow us to spend as much time as we want and prioritize our time.